Enframe and sale of paintings. Farms, klips-frams, incl. atypical sizes. Aglutination and lamination. Entframing-wood, alluminium, plastic. Glass clear, non-dazzling, muzeum, acrylic sheet. Pictures, play-bills. Pictures hanging system. Realization of exhibitions and other actions.


over 1300 types of wooden borders, complete range of Nielsen aluminium frames, clip frames, including non-standard sizes, ...

Paintings & Prints

by K. Benetka, T. Bím, Fr. Blažíček, K. Demel, A. Dětinská, P. Grégr, I. Hüttnerová, L. Kuklík, O. Kulhánek, M. Lebeda, J. Liesler, ...


More than 1,000 different pictures in stock, over 5,000 available by order

Picture Hanging

PICTURE HANGING SYSTEM, gallery implementation


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